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Silas Partners and Web 2.0 in the Christian Community

Churches and ministries are really getting into blogging, podcasting, and yes, even social networking sites.

Over the past three months, I’ve been working more and more with these types of organizations through a company called Silas Partners. Silas Partners’ aim is to help churches and the like to use the web more effectively.

As an Internet and web consultant, I’ve enjoyed leveraging my knowledge across various vertical markets. I’ve found the work I’ve done with Silas Partners particularly fulfilling because of the types of clients that they are assisting.

I’m now working with Silas Partners on a regular basis. I dedicate a portion of my week to help Christian organizations think strategically about the Internet and web, as well as educate them about Web 2.0 technologies.

Probably the most exciting part of this space is that churches, ministries, and other Christian organizations are really utilizing the power of the distributed yet intricately networked web.

Case and point, last week, a local D.C. church launched a Week of Justice, whose primary focus was to “educate the church body and members of the community about God’s heart for justice.” They used a Xanga account to get their message out. And the pastor of my church has a MySpace profile. No, I’m not kidding. The service I attend is geared towards young professionals and he uses his blog to continue the dialog with us throughout the week.

I think a winning strategy on the web is not to force people to go where you want them to go. It is to go where they are. It is to invest yourself in their community. I’m certain we will see more and more of that in the coming years.

This entry is part of my series attempting to empower and educate people about Web 2.0 and its uses outside tech circles.

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