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Scoble on HP's TouchPad and Tablet Wars

What did HP just do?

  1. Showed it can bring some innovations (especially in power charging and multitasking) that Apple hasn’t yet shipped.

  2. Totally made the other, non-Apple, players on the board look lame.

  3. Further weakened Microsoft’s stance in the marketplace. If you told me 10 years ago that HP would introduce a major new consumer product that’s not based on Windows I would have said you are totally crazy.

  4. Made a major Apple fan (me) think twice about buying another iPad.

Robert Scoble

The biggest news coming out of HP’s event, however, is in it potentially ditching Windows for webOS. That little doozy wasn’t discussed in detail but a unified OS across HP devices and desktops could move them closer to a model that looks like Apple’s.

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