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Sarah Perez on Jailbreaking to Secure Your iPhone

Could it be that the new jailbreaking process then, instead of making phones less secure, would actually improve their security protections? That’s certainly what it sounds like: “With ASLR, an exploit mitigation is added that is not available in factory iPhones and makes exploitation more difficult,” reads the session and speaker bio on the conference website. And it won’t end there. “This is only the first step,” the description reads, “more mitigations and a full reactivation of the codesigning protection are planed for the next months.”

It’s a thought that demands a pause. Stefan Esser will prevent this “more secure jailbreak” on December 14th, introducing a new tool called “antid0te.” Overlooking the jailbreak iOS community means ignoring some of the more cutting edge innovations happening. I can guarantee you that Apple’s paying attention.

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