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Samsung Galaxy Tab Sells 1M Units

It’s unclear if this is 1 million in sales to end users or into retail channels. Besides 100,000 units sold in South Korea, there’s no indication of where the rest of the sales are happening. But the Tab, which is being sold by all four carriers in the U.S., is finding an audience. It’s a good sign of the interest in tablets overall, not just the iPad, which has sold 7.2 million units since launching in April. Though the iPad commanded 95 percent of the tablet market a month ago, the Tab is proving that Apple will have plenty of competition in this space. James had a good first impression of the Tab and found a lot to like.

This success is with an operating system that even Google admits isn’t ready for prime time on tablets. As I’ve written before, the real battle begins next year when Android 3.0 (Honeycomb), which will be built to support tablets, becomes available.

I’d bet these were more to retail channels than to consumers. In any case, there’s an appetite for tablets, as shown by the 1M run and the number of iPads sold (which dwarfed the early pre-launch estimates). 2011 is going to be exciting…especially when Android 3.0 is available and the next iPad launches.

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