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SalesGenius - Qualify Sales Leads Instantly

SalesGenius is a product of Genius.com Incorporated. It’s an invaluable tool used to track e-mails, their open rates, and potential website visits from prospects and other sales leads. It can be used directly from Outlook via a plugin or simply from the web. I’ve often wondered why e-mail was not “smarter” – SalesGenius really is ingenious.

I used SalesGenius through a 15-day trial and found it quite useful, especially because one of my gigs focuses on sales. By sending my e-mail through the SalesGenius Server, I was able to track who did and who did not open my e-mails (as well as if they visited my site). That’s very helpful from a sales perspective. While there are other services that do something similar to SalesGenius, none let you do it from the comfort of Outlook.

Per the website, SalesGenius is “the first of many great personal web analytics products in the Genius product line.” So, I expect to hear more about them in the future.

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