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Rollyo Adds Searchboxes

Rollyo received a whole lot of buzz during it’s beta launch. Since then, I’ve not read much about it.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been keeping a sharp eye out for the release of their Searchbox. The Searchbox offers you the ability to add any number of Rollyo Searchrolls to your site, including a simple Searchroll consisting of one site alone (in the case where you’d want to add a “site search” feature to you blog or website).

Rolloy Searchbox

I didn’t add this to my site because I think there is another Rollyo tool that is more powerful – adding a Searchroll to your Firefox Search Toolbar. This type of Searchroll stays with you all the time.

As some of my readers already know, I previously created a Searchroll called Everything Web 2.0 consisting of what I consider must read sources for Web 2.0 – TechCrunch, Read / Write Web, Emily Chang’s eHub, Ross Mayfield, and others (including my site – OK, I’m biased). It’s tremendously useful.

For example, whenever I want to look-up a certain Web 2.0 product or company (especially one I am unfamiliar with), I switch my toolbar to this Searchroll and hit enter. Chances are, TechCrunch has covered it. Similarly, it’s been great when trying to reference older material that I’ve written. I recommend creating something similar, even if you use it solely in this latter case.

Rolloy in Firefox

If you’d like to add this Searchroll to your Firefox Toolbar, I’ve put together something that will allow you to do so under the “GET SOCIAL” area of my sidebar. Just click the “Everything Web 2.0″ link to add it.

I’ll be adding some other cool tricks I’ve created (or ‘hacked’ but in a good sense) to that area in the coming week.

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