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Recent Happenings - November '10

I’ve been on overdrive since the launch of App Savvy. To start with that, thank you so much for your support! On launch day, App Savvy stormed up the Amazon.com charts and became the #1 Bestseller AND #1 Hot New Release in Mobile in a matter of hours. That wouldn’t have happened without your help, so a hearty thanks!

Aside from doing a number of speaking engagements and book talks (most recently at 360iDev), I’ve received a number of interview requests and done some various guest posts. Here are some select links and highlights from recent happenings:

The Apple Blog
Ken Yarmosh Q&A: How Non-Developers Can Create Apps

TAB: So your book is interesting in that it’s aimed at both non-developers and developers. What would you say would be the biggest take away for non-developers reading your book?

KY: It was a challenge to write App Savvy for all these various audiences. My approach to making it useful for non-developers and developers alike was to keep it practical. By keeping it a practical, step-by-step guide, my hope for non-developers, including entrepreneurs, product and project managers, marketers, and even just for people with ideas, was that they could be empowered to pursue building an iPhone or iPad app despite not having the design or development expertise required to do so.

Guest Post
5 Musts for Mobile App Marketing

Mobile is only getting bigger. Thousands of new apps are hitting app stores every day. The result is that even innovative or well-made apps are often ignored.

One reason for this is that far too many mobile developers start their marketing efforts after they launch their app. This approach wastes one of the best marketing opportunities available – when the app first goes into an app store. Many app creators don’t realize that marketing needs to occur parallel to development and build over time.

To help, here are five tips for marketing a mobile app before it launches.

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