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Real-time Search Panel

Edo Segal (Relegence): If I told you I want to take the Internet in the last five minutes and put it into memory and apply technology to it, that will be possible. That is what these companies are doing.

Kimbal Musk (OneRiot): Real-time search is the right answer right now. Traditional search is the right answer over all time.

Danny Sullivan (Search Engine Land):  When you start talking real-time search, we need to have better definitions of what it is. When I said Twitter Search is real-time search, I’m saying that we can do updates and within seconds, it is out there and indexed.

Gerry Campbell (Collecta): There are two different models. There are highlights of the game…and there is the game itself.

Matt Cutts (Google): From Google, we’ve thought about freshness from the beginning. It was clear relevance, comprehensiveness, and freshness were important from ealry on. People don’t always want to do Google Blog Search to get blog results; they want it integrated.

Vipul Ved Prakash (Topsy): We sample search.twitter.com. The Twitter feed is one of the largest and fastest growing sources but most of the web is turning into streams with attributions.

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