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Razoo Speed Granting - Good Doesn't Go on Vacation

Razoo is a niche social network, still in beta, aiming to be the platform for social good. It joins a growing number of other socially conscious network-based sites, including Care2. For a round-up and some commentary on those, check out a post by Ogilvy blogger Qui Diaz

image Back in June, I attended Razoo’s public unveiling party at the very hip Play Lounge in Washington D.C. That’s the first time I heard the phrase “speed granting” and saw it in action. The idea behind speed granting is simple yet effective: present your proposal for a specific cause (e.g., breast cancer research) and convince others to vote for it. The winner receives a grant (i.e., dollar bills) to support their cause, organization, idea, etc.

Razoo’s running a new grant right now called “Good Doesn’t Go on Vacation” and the leading vote getter takes home $1000. Besides the fact that I love the truth behind this grant’s name, one of the coolest parts about Razoo’s Speed Granting (besides getting money for a cause you support) is that it exists in the world of Facebook Apps.

You only need to add the Razoo Speed Granting application and then vote. That’s it. That’s an easy way to make a difference!


I voted for Invisible Children, which is a cause I’ve known about and supported over the last year. I’m trying to recruit others for it, so if you are interested in supporting it too, please use this URL. This latest round of speed granting ends at 11:59 PM E.T. on Friday, August 31, so get going!

***Disclaimer: *Razoo is a client of Viget Labs but I’ve had limited involvement on the project.

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