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Providing "Quick Takes"

From nearly its inception, as the Editor of the Corante Web Hub one of the features I started was Hub Happenings. Hub Happenings basically contains excerpts from posts from network contributors. They are stories I find interesting but don’t necessarily feel they deserve their own entries. I’d like to develop something similar here, with links from around the web, along with my brief thoughts.

The del.icio.us “daily blog post” would make that quite easy. But I am not a fan of having it create an entry called “Links for 2006-03-08″ (or whatever date it may be) – I’d like to be able to provide the name of the entry, with perhaps a variable for the date. The other issue is that I don’t use del.ico.us, I use BlinkList (Mike, any thoughts on how I could do it with BlinkList?).

Outside of the logistical questions above, would these ‘quick takes’ on stories I read around the web be useful or interesting or would you just consider them clutter?

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