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Prototypes for Mac

Prototypes for Mac turns your flat mockup images into tappable and sharable prototypes that run on iPhone or iPod touch.

prototypes.png A new Mac app, Prototypes joins the growing number of mockup-related tools to add to your iOS arsenal. We’ll be experimenting with it, along with InVision (thanks, Harold) in future internal and client projects.

One of the reasons Prototypes is slightly more appealing to us though, is that it provides on-device testing. Unfortunately, however, it seems there are many more tools that only support this kind of functionality for the iPhone or iPod touch and not the iPad.

In any case, InVision could be used earlier in the process, just to get a high-level overview of application flow, moving to on-device testing once the user experience is refined or approved by a client. So, I don’t see these kinds of tools as mutually exclusive. Give them both a look and see what best fits your workflow.

(via MacStories)

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