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PipelineDeals.com - Dead Simple Sales Tracking

PipelinePipelineDeals.com is the easy and simple way to manage sales. It’s specifically designed to manages sales, so it’s not a CRM: “Pipeline was designed by a sales agent for a sales agent.”

Audience and Features
This software focuses on serving small to medium sized businesses. Because it is web based, it caters to businesses that don’t want to install/maintain CRM-like software or who don’t have the budget/need to use something as extensive as Salesforce.com or SugarCRM.

Pipeline provides all information a sales person needs and right at their fingertips. Everything related to a sale is accessible from the “Deal Notebook”: Summary, To Do Lists, People involved in the deal, Notes, Milestones, etc.

The tool also give businesses a better view into their sales pipeline. Users get a bird’s eye view of all deals when viewing the Deal Status and Deal Stage reports on the Reports tab.

PipelineDeals Reports

Pricing is based on the number of active deals. You can manage up to 10 deals for free. With a paid account, you can archive deals to preserve historical data.

PipelineDeals.com is a simple yet powerful tool and the company behind them listens to feedback. The archiving deals feature is relatively new and resulted from community input.

If you are looking for a quick yet fully featured way to manage your deals, PipelineDeals.com is the way to go. Check out Emily Chang’s eHub interview for more info.

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