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Pajamas Media and the Value of Blogs

David Cohn of Wired News poses a very relative question, Will Pajamas Media Wake up Blogs? I would argue that blogs are already awake or at least they’ve awoken and just haven’t gotten out of bed.

From the most recent numbers that I pointed to in yesterday’s interview, there are a relatively small number of people reading blogs (in the case of those numbers, the people are Americans). Even with those small numbers though, blogs and bloggers have had a significant impact both in politics and in businesses of various shapes and sizes. When the FEC has to address how to regulate blogs and businesses are developing blog policies, the influence of this new technology is hard to debate.

The main question facing traditional / new media outlets and other problem solvers today is determining how to bring the value of blog content to the average consumer. On the traditional side, we see BusinessWeek embracing blogs alongside their other online efforts. The problem solvers include Memeorandum, Blogniscient, and some other techology based approaches.

Then on the new media front, there are various blog network types – vertical (DuctTapeMarketing), horizontal (9rules), and a mix (b5media).

Pajamas Media (soon to be renamed) puts an even larger twist in how to solve this issue. Although blogs and bloggers will be key to their success (somewhat of another blog network), they will wield the power of their 70 political pundits to attempt to put “the best of mainstream media and best of blog media, side by side” (as quoted by Roger Simon, a co-founder of the venture). There are many moves in this direction, which is why one would assume AOL bought Weblogs, Inc..

Bringing blogs to the mass market in an easily digestable format will be the real winner. When that is done effectively and in a way that consumers connect with, blogs will not only have woken up, they’ll have eaten breakfast and be on their way to a bright new day.

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