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Osfoora for Mac is Coming, As Are Other iOS-to-Mac Counterparts

There seems to be a rebirth of interest in creating Twitter clients for the Mac. Weet recently went into beta, being ported over from iOS. Now, thanks to this Dribbble shot, it’s obvious that another popular iOS Twitter app is coming to the Mac-Osfoora.

Osfoora for Mac is part of the growing trend of iOS apps bubbling up to the Mac. What’s particularly interesting is that information-based apps, focused on Twitter, RSS, etc.-are leading the way. Both Tweetie and later Echofon were some of the earliest iOS apps that grew up into full Mac apps and that continues with Weet, Reeder, and now Osfoora.

While I expect more games will make their way to the Mac because of the Mac App Store (e.g., see Firemint’s announcement about Flight Control HD for Steam), it makes sense why it took the Mac App Store for that to occur. A large part of the success of games on iOS is related to the interactive gameplay and particularly touch. It’s not clear to me if Flight Control will be as fun on the Mac as it is on iOS but I’m personally not excited about it as a game. My interest in it is solely in seeing how they adapt the experience for a non-touch driven interface.

In general, however, information-based apps or utilities and ones focused on productivity can more naturally extend to the Mac platform, especially if they don’t rely on touch to be successful. Even for these apps though, it’s not always clear how best to port the experience. Case and point, some see Reeder for Mac as too iOS-like, not respecting standard Mac UI conventions. I find it refreshing and elegant but can understand those perspectives. I assume that Apple views an app like Reeder for Mac as the future. From the preview of Lion, Reeder for Mac appears to be a product that fits nicely into where Apple is trying to take the Mac platform by Summer ’11.

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