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One Service, Two Faces

One of the most interesting parts of Google’s release of its new blog search is that it was launched both via the Google and Blogger brand (I discovered the Blogger brand via Fred Wilson). While the search results are the same (with a few different features via the Blogger side of things – examined momentarily), Google definitely had a strategy for releasing one service with two different faces.

  1. The Google brand is most often the search brand of choice, making the Google Blog Search a natural extension from the Google Web Search.
  2. The tried-and-true Google interface of the Google Blog Search will be quite intuitive for those that fall outside the blogosphere. In other words, the Google branded blog search caters to the less tech savvy user, who could easily be overwhelmed by the features of IceRocket, Feedster, and even Technorati to a certain extent.
  3. The Blogger Blog Search is the perfect compliment to Blogger users. It also offers the larger blogging community more advanced-like features, via two different buttons as shown in the red box below (I searched on David Teten, a colleague who I mentioned in the previous post):
The first button provides a “search within” function, while the second shows “all posts” for that particular blog.   

Neither of the more “advanced features” are anything to write home about – in fact, I don’t find them particularly useful. And from what I can see, the results yielded are not as good as the other blog search engines. Still, with this move, Google has covered their bases and reached out to the entire web – my instinct is that others will need to somehow follow suit and dumb down their interfaces if they hope to attract less technical users to utilize their services.

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