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Om Malik Should Hire Me

I just entered the GigaOM Guest Blogger Contest. My entry is entitled MySpace – The Building of a Modern Virtual Agora. I’ve tried floating some material to Om before through his contact form but I’ve never heard back from him. Perhaps this contest might give me a better chance to get my stuff in front of him (although the winners are picked by Bix members and not by him).

I’d love for the chance to write “specials” for a site like GigaOM. While I can do scoops pretty well, my current interest is to find a place where I can write analytical pieces maybe once a week or so (think in terms of this commentary). GigaOM would be a particularly good fit for me considering the focus of this blog but more importantly my M.S.E. in Telecom and Networking.

The entirety of the entry follows below. If you like it, head over to Bix and give me some support. One last thing, if you or someone you know has any Internet/web writing opportunities open, please feel free to pass them along to me.

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