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Notes on Social Shopping

I just finished a brief interview about e-commerce, Web 2.0, and social shopping. It’s for a private trends report, so you likely won’t see it on the street. Here is a subset of the notes I had from my preparation:

The Internet first changed the game with commerce because:

  1. It made information easily accessible to the consumer (think airline tix and travel in particular)

  2. It provided an infrastructure for consumer-to-consumer exchange (eBay)

Web 2.0 provides new ways of interaction in the area of e-commerce because of:

  1. Sharing information in new ways (MyPickList, Stylehive)

  2. Utilizing community to drive sales (Crowdstorm)

  3. Enabling revenue share programs without selling or buying  (Yahoo! Shoposhere, Favorite Thingz)

  4. Further aggregating data and making it easy to find product information and deals (Jellyfish, Whatsbuzzing, dealplumber)

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