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Notes and Fodder for Blogoposium 1

Thanks to all who has gotten behind the blogoposium thus far…we are just getting started!

If you are unsure of what a blogoposium is (after all, I did create the word), Marshall Kirkpatrick describes it simply as “tagging and synched blogging”. You can read all the details about the blogoposium at the announcement post.

A number of people helped publicized the event – thanks to John of SYNTAGMA, Andrew of Changing Way, Danny of Raw Blog, Dion of Web 2.0 Blog, Kevin of Left Brain / Right Brain, and Marshall of Web Tool Blog, who were some of the first bloggers to get behind this blogoposium. They took a chance on an idea. Without their help, there would be no blogoposium. I appreciate those who emailed me to let me know of their participation and I look forward to their contributions.

There have been some fine contributions to this blogoposium’s theme – Communicating the Ideas Behind Web 2.0. Dion Hinchcliffe writes in his Visualizing Web 2.0 post, “I try to describe Web 2.0 as a term given to a natural emergence of related events, rather than some artificially imposed vision.” He also created a very interesting Web 2.0 diagram included in that post, which I strongly encourage you to check out.

Dion also added a wonderful suggestion, to tag any relevant visuals or diagrams for this blogoposium on Flickr with tag “blogoposium1″. He has already tagged both Tim O’Reilly’s “Web 2.0 Meme Map” and his own “Web 2.0 Visualization” as blogoposium1 on Flickr.

In case you need some fodder to get your Web 2.0 juices flowing, I’ve tagged some articles for you to look at on del.icio.us under the blogoposium1 tag. In particular, I’ve tagged articles that analyze Web 2.0 from two very different perspectives, so be sure to check them out.

If you have not done so yet, make sure you read the announcement post so that you know how to join in the conversation. Let’s make some Web 2.0 noise in the blogosphere these next three days!

Hope to “see” you at the blogoposium.

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