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Noone Group Releases Brandable RSS News Reader

Noone Group and Mioplanet Technologies released an interesting approach to a news reader today. According to their press release, the The Noone Group Newsreader

is a brandable, customizable RSS news reader with keyword and headline alerts. It is user friendly, ready to use, and requires very little disk space due to the superb MioEngine. Updates and exciting new features will be added on a regular basis. If you want it, chances are we have it!

The key here is that the news readers are ‘brandable’, meaning that they come pre-poulated with feeds relevant to a company or topic. This includes serving up ads specific to the news reader brand. They currently have 8 different branded readers available for download (their reader is client based). I downloaded two of them – “Blog Eye” and “Long Island Public Forum Newsreader” (the latter because I originally hail from Long Island).

By pre-populating ‘branded readers’, companies can remove the need for their customers to subscribe to their feed, thus ensuring that they are keeping track of product updates or news and announcements. Based on the less tech savvy audience that Noone Group is targeting, it is a great idea and a step towards bringing RSS closer to the general public.

There are some key features missing, namely an OPML import / export and an easier way to manage the feeds. For more widespread use of this reader, they definitely will need to tackle some user interface issues and expand the feature set. I’ll be writing on what I consider news reader / news aggregator ‘must haves’ later this week.

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