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News and Updates - December 2005

Keeping you informed about my writing, speaking, and consulting work:

  • Site Redesign Complete: Thanks to Subbu Agency, my redesign is finished. I’ve enjoyed working with these guys on a couple of projects now. Professional, prompt, and just flat out talented. They have a knack for giving distinctive creative life to abstract ideas and description. Thanks Subbu!

  • Corante Keeping Me Busy: Posting here has slowed down a bit. I am dedicating a decent amount of time editorializing at the Corante Web Hub. I envision that as being the place where you can get my “quick takes” on day-to-day web happenings. If you like my writing style or take on things, I encourage you to subscribe to that feed. It also offers you my somewhat daily “Hub Happenings” – essentially a reader’s digest I create from some of the web’s brightest stars. A couple of examples from posts at the hub include Yahoo! Makes a Del.icio.us Acquisition and today’s New Alexa Web Service is a Double Edged Sword.

    This blog will become a place of much more analytical dialogue like my Web 2.0 Business Models and Why Web 2.0 Matters to your Business posts(the latter being part of an ongoing series). Expect more thoughtful and educational pieces like these going forward.

  • Two Upcoming Speaking Engagements: I’ll be discussing how to build a “virtual presence” to a room full of campaign managers and similar folk this Thursday. I hope to put up some thoughts from my notes and presentation.

    La Shawn and I still have some spots left for our Crash Course on Blogging seminar too. So, if you are based in the Washington D.C. area and are interested in blogging, make sure you read about it or sign-up via my contact form. We encourage all to attend, although portions of the discussion are geared specifically towards non-profits.

  • WebProNews “Expert Author”: WebProNews has decided to resyndicate select posts from my blog. I am one of their Expert Authors, along with those by the likes of Steve Rubel and Jeremy Zawodny. Pretty good company, if you ask me.

  • Goodbye DreamHost: After five months of absolute frustration, I have decided to leave DreamHost. They’ve not lived up to the hype and I’ve experienced regular (sometimes weekly) outages since joining them back in August. I really like what DreamHost has to offer and am saddened by this decision but I need reliable hosting.

    I’m on the market and need a provider who supports PHP, MySQL, and SSH access (would like some prebuilt scripts like form mail too). Drop me a line or leave a comment and let me know who you think could fit the bill. I plan on migrating the site over the holidays.

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