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New Internet Vernacular

Vlogs And Wikis And Pods, Oh My!

Funny but true. The New Internet is moving faster than a speeding bullet and its vernacular is anything but intuitive.

webpronews contributing writer Sandra Stammberger does a great job in putting this jargon into more comprehensible language:

Wikis. Wikis are websites that are editable by the site users. Content becomes part of a dialogue among the users, instead of something fixed. This interaction can build strong communities, and produce large sites with enormous information. Up until recently, wikis have been difficult to use, and limited to techs. New approaches to wikis are making them easier to use, and reinforcing the next trend:

Social software. Community sites that encourage sharing and conversation are springing up in many areas. Photography and music have been drivers of this trend, in addition to political activism. Interaction builds community, and community is where the market is.

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