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Netflix on How it Uses HTML5

Our PS3 UI was written entirely using HTML5, on a custom build of Webkit ported to the PS3 by our crack team of engineers. If you don’t have a PS3, you can check out what the user experience looks and feels like here.

Doesn’t look like web technology, does it? That’s what HTML5 brings to the table, the freedom to create rich, dynamic and interactive experiences for any platform with a web browser. In fact, we’re also using HTML5 to create the user experience for our iPhone, iPad and Android applications as well.

Some cool insights from John Ciancutti, VP of Personalization Technology at Netflix. Just another indication of how HTML5 is blurring the line between web and native experiences. While I have some educated guesses, I’d love to know what exact parts of their current mobile apps (iPhone, iPad, and Android) are HTML5 versus native.

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