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Mysterious TechCrunch Ad Claims $50K USD Signing Bonus

During my vast explorations of the web, I made my way over to the ever powerful TechCrunch and saw a most interesting ad: “We are lookin for Web Developers and Web Designers. US $50,000 Sign-up Bonus 007 Benefits.

The ad leads to a page with no identifying information. The URL is simply an IP address and the contact is a gmail address – employer2.0@gmail.com. Only those who meet their criteria get to learn about the company’s mysterious identity.

After passing the six-month probationary period, the $50k bonus gets paid out. And oh yeah, apparently these designers / developers will be living “like a king in Asia” with a fully furnished flat and with whatever “gadgets” their folks need.

Sounds too good to be true…but an interesting way to grab attention. Thoughts?