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MyBlogLog Community - Building Your Professional Peer Group

Peter Davis ran with a theme I wrote about in The Long Tail of Linking – building a professional peer group. As I thought about this idea over the last week, I had what I considered an ephiphany: What if I could create a social network that was based on bloggers – a much more open network than MySpace or LinkedIn – that would help drive forward the professional peer group initiative?

Of course, with a variety of my hairbrain schemes, I’m often a step or two behind somebody else. So, I was pleased to find that MyBlogLog Community was already up and running.

I encountered MyBlogLog some time back – and I wasn’t too impressed. As a stats program, I’m still not overwhelmed by it. But their community project is very neat and has some real promise.

MyBlogLog Community helps you connect with the blogging community – with both peers and readers alike. You can add contacts, join communities for specific blogs, and even get widgets for recent visitors of your site. It gives a face to you and to your readers.

I’m hoping to learn more about many of you – so I’d encourage you to join the site. Here are the links to my profile, community pages, and the page for my community.

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