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Mobile App "Color" to Become Colorless

Color has launched to much fanfare but the wrong kind. While there are claims that Sequoia Capital has bet on its team and not the idea, that team is not looking so bright right now. First, they launch an app with a poor user experience and a questionable offering. And now, how do they intend to fix it? Ben Parr at Mashable had the inside scoop,

The first change is a pretty significant one; if you launch the app in the middle of nowhere, you’re essentially going to be locked out. This is designed to prevent you from opening the app and simply having nothing to do or see.

The second update should prevent that scenario from occurring too often. Nguyen says the app will dynamically calculate the distance required for somebody to be considered “nearby.” Currently, the app searches for anybody within 150 feet of your location. That number will not be a constant any longer: “We’re going to start adjusting that range based on the density of cities,” he says.

So, instead of actually fixing the “loneliness” problem and making the app useful without needing other people to be around, they’re just going to lock a user out of the app? Stay tuned for round two of the backlash.

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