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Michael Arrington on "What's Next"

Mike Arrington – the founder of the popular blog TechCrunch – realizes that he either has the best or worst time to speak…he’s speaking while people are chowing down on lunch. He begins his discussion with a disclaimer, “The best entrepreneurs never listen to anybody”.

What’s Different from Web 1.0

Slow Apps vs. Javascript/AJAX/Flash Apps

One-way vs. Two way

IPO for Billions vs. Sell for Millions

Beg for PR vs. News Spread Virally

Recycling 1999 Ideas Isn’t Stupid

Technology can make old ideas successful…and now, there are better ways to pay for services (PayPal), monetize content (AdSense), and distribute information (RSS).

Some of the Winners

Mike defines a winner as a company who sold their business…Writely, Newroo, Delicious, Weblogs Inc., MySpace, and Skype are some of them.

Future winners include: Digg, Facebook, Youtube, Netvibes, Zoho Projects, Photobucket, PlentyofFish, Netvibes, and StumbleUpon

Facebook is probably worth $2b…MySpace should be scared of them. PlentyofFish is Match.com but free and its a one man show…the guy running it is making $300k/month.

Some of the Losers

Mike says he isn’t proud that some of these companies exist, although they might be financially successful in the long run:

Inform, Gather, PubSub, and JigSaw

Opportunity Areas

Platforms, Port Desktop Apps to Web, Office Efficiency, Cloud Storage, identity, Developer Tools, Enterprise

Mike admits that TechCrunch is very consumer facing, as was his discussion but he says he will be launching a new blog with an Enterprise focus in the next couple of weeks. Since everything he touches seems to be successful, definitely stay tuned to his blog.

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