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Laura Fitton (@pistachio) Kicks Off TWTRCON DC '09

  • Manners are important on Twitter. Don’t yell. Or be awkward.
  • Hack for improving level of engagement…the best business messages are about the audience. Turn your tweet inside out and make it about those listening to you.
  • Twitter campaigns? Not so much.
  • “I have a love / hate relationship with having a lot of followers.”
  • Measure what matters most. Be patient and let your network grow organically.
  • Flash communities spring up around #hash tags. Use interesting messages to get people using and tracking your hash tag.
    • Most of the ppl using multiple hash tags are spammers. Zapping SPAM needs to get better.
  • “I have had embarrassingly great success with getting in the press. I’ve never sent a press release. The press has found me.”
  • One word guide to social media – “be useful”
  • Four word guide to social media – “Listen Learn Care Serve”

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