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Killing the iPod Touch

iPod Touch is Apple’s unstoppable secret weapon. It’s iSmartbomb, flying under the radar. iPod Touch is THE new handheld game device. Don’t want to deal with AT&T but want all the fun of the app store? Don’t want to give up your Blackberry’s keyboard? Are you one of the last remaining 13 year olds whose evil parents won’t give you a cellphone (aka, my stepson)? iPod Touch is the answer and I suspect it may be THE favorite Christmas present this year for kids of all ages.

You can hate Apple because they're beautiful, but don't pretend the next iPhone killer is just around the corner, because you don't just have to kill the iPhone, you have to kill the iPod. And everybody has been trying that since 2001.

The article was titled, “The Top 5 iPhone Dirty Secrets” but I thought this point was particularly true.

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