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Jason Goldberg on Web 2.0 and its Influence

Jason Goldberg – the CEO of Jobster – is giving his introduction about “What Web 2.0 is”. He has a very simple definition for it:

Web 1.0 = Get it Online

Web 2.0 = Make it Work

According to Jason, Web 2.0 goes beyond being online…it solves business problems. He asks, “How many people have gone to the public library in the last month?” A smattering of hands raised….”how many people have searched Google?”. Everyone raised their hands. People turn to the web first.

Many technologies are having an impact beyond the tech savvy…225 million users….74% adults are online.

Kids are finding friends and interacting in a whole new way (e.g., MySpace, Facebook, etc.)…it’s the new socialization of young people….dramatic shift in consumer behavior. Advertisers have turned to the Internet as a primary means to reach consumers, especially the younger demographic.

“The new Internet is created for the people, by the people, every single day…the new Internet is being created in a very active way [and he points to YouTube, Digg, and other sites based around participation].”

Jason believes there are better business models, better user experience, and more disruptive technologies…which differentiates the new web from the goldrush that occurred back in 1999.

There was a disparate experience in 1999…community, commerce, content, and advertising were not connected [he shows four separated puzzle pieces]…now, they are.

Content is much more specific…creating new expertise from the bottom-up.That ties into what Jason does for a living – running Jobster. Blogs, for example, can be a goldmine for finding great talent. 

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