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iOS 4 Market Share - Developers Have the Answers

One of the big questions iOS developers continue to ask is when they can safely stop supporting older iOS versions. Currently, that question is focused on supporting iOS 3.x. I’ve seen stats for iOS 4 market share vary from over 90% of devices still running iOS 3.x to over 90% running iOS 4.x. The problem is that these stats are anecdotal. Since most developers build apps that are often in the same category/genre, the patterns identified in their own analytics can be completely misleading and representative of a particular demographic.

As part of a larger project I’m working on, which will help iOS developers understand various market trends by learning from each other, I’ve put together a very brief survey asking developers to share what iOS usage patterns they are seeing in the analytics of their applications. To make the data a bit more reliable, I’ll need a broader representation of developers participating. Once I receive a sampling across a number of categories, I’ll detail the results of the survey in a post.

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