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Internet Innovations at the Duct Tape Marketing Channel

If you have followed my blog for any length of time, then you know that I’ve worked with John Jantsch in the past. My introduction to him first started as a participant in one of his Ultimate Marketing System courses.

Since that time, I’ve kept in touch with John, occasionally pointing him to new tools that I thought were useful or interesting. Thankfully, John found some of that helpful, which is why I think he invited me to join his Duct Tape Marketing Channel.

John just extended his previously well respected Duct Tape Marketing Channel to include 14 new blogs about Small Business. In doing so, I believe he is building one of the definitive resources about Small Business on the web. The focus ranges far beyond marketing now, including topics such as CRM, recruitment, and many more.

My blog is called “Internet Innovations”, covering tools I think Small Business owners will find particularly helpful. It’s a great opportunity to reach the already established audience John has been engaging, in addition to the many other small businesses that will utilize the site going forward.

I’m going to approach this blog more like a weekly column, which I hope to publish on Wednesdays.

Be sure to check out Internet Innovations.

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