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Intellicontact - Low Cost Alternative to ConstantContact

Intellicontact is a great e-mail marketing tool and has many of the same features as ConstantContact (CC). It is offered at a lower pricing point and even easier to use.

The user interface is broken down into four high-level categories, including “My Contacts”, “Create”, “Send”, and “Track”. It is pretty easy to understand what each of those do. Simplicity is definitely a strength of Intellicontact.

Under “My Contacts”, you can import subscriber names in a variety of ways, segment users, add new lists, and even create RSS feeds. That is one feature that I’ve not seen offered by an e-mail marketing tool to this point.

Intellicontact beats ConstantContact on price ($14/month for 1k subscribers versus $15/month for up to 500 in ConstantContact) – and that’s because it’s a primary way to entice folks to try them out over a very established tool.

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