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Imbee - A Safe Place for Kids

Imbee – a project of Industrious Kid – is the “first secure social networking and blogging destination for kids.”

Unlike most social networking sites today, it has features that ensure it is a safe environment for kids. Users can’t just connect with each other by browsing profiles. They need to know the e-mail addresses and/or imbee user names of other imbee members. And also, for any user to join, a credit card must be provided. As indicated on the site:

Your card is not charged unless you chose a full paid imbee membership at registration time, however we ask for a credit card in order to protect your child’s safety. We use credit cards to verify that all adult imbee members are who they say they are.

Parents control the way their kids interact on the site. Depending on approval rules, messages, connections, and other profile changes get put into a queue. Another imbee distinction is that for additional features like blogging, users will need to pay $3.95 a month.

Why would kids want to get on a site that is monitored by their parents? Well, for one thing, in some cases, it might be the only way their parents allow them to participate in social networking. Imbee users also can earn imbee points, which they can redeem for “cool stuff”. Imbee also has a kid-friendly and very appealing design.

In order to promote their new service, Imbee has developed a relationship with Paramount’s Great America. Imbee is the first product of Industrious Kid and from my discussions with them, they plan on rolling out others in the future.

A big thanks to Shannon Malliet of Industrious Kid in giving me a sneak peek a couple of weeks ago.

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