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How to Blog a Conference

Josh Hallett obviously took a lot of time and energy to put together his recent How to Blog a Conference – great stuff. As I noted in his comments section, this reaffirms the approach and strategy I’ve taken with next week’s conference.

In particular, my friend Doug Kushin (who I hope to introduce more formally soon) and I are planning out what I’ve dubbed our “Communication Calendar” for the day. It consists of what coverage we definitely want to get, where we should be, and specifically who we are trying to talk with as the day unfolds.

I’ll be covering the conference both here and on the TNNI site. Doug is going to help with doing some video, so over the course of the day, you may even get a brief video clip of the day’s events. Our primary goal, however, will be to get as much footage as possible, so that we can create a TNNI Highlights reel.

For a more concise version of how to blog a conference, check out some of Brian Oberkirch’s thoughts.

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