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HitTail - The Long Tail Applied to SEM

The Long Tail has been quite the subject of late. The concept behind the long tail was popularized by Wired Editor’s Chris Anderson and is pretty simple (although I’ll allow Wikipedia to describe it for the sake of being concise):

In many cases the infrequent or low-amplitude events-the long tail, represented here by the yellow portion of the graph-can cumulatively outnumber or outweigh the initial portion of the graph, such that in aggregate they comprise the majority.

There are various applications of this idea and one of the ones that struck me recently was a tool called HitTail. HitTail essentially challenges the traditional approach to keywords and Search Engine Marketing by viewing it through the lens of the long tail.

The thrust of the HitTail argument is that the culmination of your long tail natural search keywords outperforms the totality of the best performing ones. Thus, using HitTail, you can identify a gold mine of long tail keywords and focus new content around them. The result is increasing your traffic organically through targeted long tail keywords.

I’ve been using it now for about a week and I’m betting that HitTail will be a real hit. You can check out a demo or watch a YouTube video for a more comprehensive explanation of why you should use it and how it works.

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