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Gubb - Superb Web Based To Do and List Management

Gubb likely just became a staple in my workflow management. It’s a very cleanly designed web based to-do/list manager. It’s receiving rave reviews across the blogosphere.

Gubb is the perfect example of **why good design matters. **It has a clean and visually appealing interface but more importantly scores highly in the usability department.

Here’s where Gubb makes sense for me:

– Drag-and-drop your list items

– View all lists at once (you can also drag-and-drop where the lists appear on the page)

– Minimize lists or even hide them

– Control the number of columns in the page (e.g., you can have three columns to have three lists side-by-side)

There is also a collaborative element to Gubb, although I’ve not experimented with it to this point.

Great job by the folks who put out Gubb. Others should look to this service as the way to approach building new productivity and business tools.

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