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Google Voice on iPhone – GV Mobile and VoiceCentral

There’s no need to be frustrated by the news that Google Voice is hitting Android and Blackberry devices but not the iPhone (yet). Well, maybe there’s reason for a little angst. The good news is that there are some nice alternatives.

GV Mobile
GV Mobile by Sean Kovacs comes in two flavors – GV Mobile ($2.99) and GV Mobile Free. The free version is basically just a dialer, while the paid version allows access to call history, playing back voicemails, use of the iPhone’s address book, full SMS support, and altering other Google Voice settings.

iTunes App Store – GV Mobile; GV Mobile Free

RiverTurn’s VoiceCentral is another option for Google Voice (or GrandCentral) on your iPhone. It’s comparably priced at $2.99 but has more customizations including being able to use the speakerphone, a voicemail interface similar to the iPhone, specifying the launch screen, viewing notes from voice calls, and color scheme selection.

iTunes App Store – VoiceCentral

Google Voice Mobile Site

Of course, you can wait for Google and Apple to release the official version of the app, which will likely not cost several bucks. In the meantime, browse to the Google Voice mobile site on mobile Safari (http://www.google.com/voice will do the trick) and you’ll get the basics. My recommendation is to ante up $2.99 and give up one coffee run this week.

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