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GoDaddy's Acquisition of MediaTemple

Since the GoDaddy acquisition, I’ve been contemplating migrating away from MediaTemple by the end of 2013. Back at the dawn of the Internet, I used GoDaddy exclusively for domain registration. Over time, I came to dislike how much they’d try to upsell you during the checkout process. Additionally, I have not appreciated how they advertise themselves, especially during the Super Bowl. I ended business with them a number of years ago and now do all domain registration through Hover.

After some deliberation, I’ve decided to continue with MediaTemple because they will operate as independent entities. I’m also taking into consideration that MediaTemple did some due diligence on the supposed new direction of GoDaddy. If GoDaddy does clean up their act, having their resources behind MediaTemple actually does provide additional confidence in their long-term viability as a business. I realize that’s a big “if” and plan to see if this new GoDaddy is real or just marketing speak. Only time will tell.

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