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Giving Blogbeat a try

Brian Benzinger’s post on Blogbeat prompted me to give it a try. I’ve disabled MeasureMap for the time being.

I actually heard of Blogbeat prior to MeasureMap – I think via Steve Rubel, although I can’t remember – but they were closed to the public until recently.

While I’m generally quite a big fan of MeasureMap, it is still in private alpha and rather slow. I’ve also been sort of confused by the stats I’ve seen with it. One example is that the number of total visitors reported often is lower than the total number of clickthroughs that FeedBurner shows me. That simply doesn’t make any sense.

Off the bat, I liked how easy it was to “install” Blogbeat. It required one javascript addition anywhere in the footer of my blog. MeasureMap requires three carefully placed scripts in various WordPress template files. To be fair, those additional scripts do allow for some different types of traffic tracking.

I’ll provide further analysis after I’ve gotten a better feel for Blogbeat. I’m also toying with applying my Google Analytics account to my blog at some point but it’s currently only running on my main site.

Feel free to share any of your experiences with these or other services.

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