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Galley Review - Naked Conversations

I’d like to thank Shel Israel and Robert Scoble for selecting me as one of the galley reviewers for their new book Naked Conversations.

When I finally received my copy of the galley, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I hadn’t followed their blog until they nearly finished the book.

Naked Conversations more than surprised me, in terms of the quality of the content and writing. Scoble and Israel are not only experienced business bloggers, they also did their homework. Their investigation of the use of blogs in the workplace is highly informative both from a contextual and practical standpoint. Business bloggers will have a reference for the development of the blogosphere that they have come to know and love. Skeptics will be convinced that blogs are not just a fad. All will be provided with an interesting page turning read and a vital resource to the blogging business space.

I could go on but rather than put up an extensive review (and you know from my posts that they do get quite extensive), I decided to take a different approach. I thought to myself, “Self, if I were to be on the back cover of Naked Conversations, what quote would be attributed to my name.” Of course, I couldn’t come up with just one or two, so I wrote a handful of them (and I also found it necessary to add my own comical bio).

Robert and Shel seem to like to pick out the juicer quotes from the reviews they’ve received, highlighting them on their blogs. This approach should make their job easier. Which quote do you like best? Which bio?

If you care about the future of your business, you need to read Naked Conversations.
– Ken Yarmosh, Really Smart Technical Dude

Confused or skeptical about blogs as a business tool? Naked Conversations will navigate you through the business blogosphere, profiling experienced practitioners, providing lessons learned, and detailing best practices – Scoble and Israel will help you fill in all the blanks.
– Ken Yarmosh, Author of my grocery list

Written in the conversational style of the blogosphere, Naked Conversations is the definitive reference to show you how to use the power of blogs to connect with your customers.
– Ken Yarmosh, Unknown Consultant

Scoble and Israel are seasoned business blogging professionals who clearly articulate the why’s and how’s to get your organization blogging.
– Ken Yarmosh, Blogger Extraordinaire

Forget about adding Naked Conversations to your Amazon.com Wishlist. You need to order it now.
– Ken Yarmosh, Web 2.0 Overlord

Naked Conversations will walk you through the development of the business blogosphere, while providing you with the practical guide to help you successfully join it.
– Ken Yarmosh, Host of…my blog

If your PR or marketing people are clueless about blogs, go out and buy every single one of them a copy of Naked Conversations.
– Ken Yarmosh, Social Software Guru

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