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Fred Wilson's review of the Nexus S

Last week I got a Nexus S to replace the Nexus One that I have been using for the past year. I love my Nexus One and was hesitant to replace it but the Nexus S looks like the exact same phone, just better, so I went for it.

In general, he likes the upgrade. But my first read of it was that it seems like the Nexus S only offers marginal improvements. Coming back to it today, the collective marginal improvements appear to make the Nexus S a decent upgrade. That seems strange though for this being the new flagship “pure Google experience” device.

Over the weekend, I chatted with a Best Buy rep about the Nexus S. He said many are looking at it but few are buying it. I was thinking about upgrading my Nexus One but reviews like Fred’s make it less compelling. In any case, if you are thinking Android is your operating system, it’s still your best bet.

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