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Fred on the Web (or not)

If you are keeping tabs on the 2008 Presidential campaign, you probably know about the hoopla over the Fred Thompson pre-announcement of his entering the race.

I’ve been thinking a lot about SEM as it relates to these campaigns and actually had an article published yesterday at The American Thinker called: Fred on the Web (or not). It focuses on the challenge a late entrant might face with their web efforts. More specifically, Thompson already has a popular web presence (on Wikipedia and the Internet Movie Database) that he will need to compete against:

Google “fred thompson” and the first results you will see are from Wikipedia and the Internet Movie Database (IMDB). The latter chronicles Mr. Thompson’s T.V. and movie career. While it is great to known that Mr. Thompson starred in Die Hard 2, IMBD is not saying much about his views on the Iraq war or his stance on the immigration debate.

Interestingly enough, in an interview with USA Today, Thompson notes that he’ll use the web “to cut through the clutter and go right to the people.”

We’ll see.

Article: Fred on the Web (or not)

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