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Frank Felker on What Video Internet Means to Biz Owners

Frank Felker is the proprietor of Radio Free Enterprise and is a seasoned marketing veteran who literally sees the complete marketing picture from blogs and the Internet through radio and print. The scary thing is that he has executed well across all those channels.

Frank and I worked on some projects in the past including Jerry Boutcher’s Open House Podcast (which if you Google is still #1 – something we worked quite hard on doing). Frank was working at Monarch Title at the time but has since gone solo with RFE. He has some exciting things in the work, including potentially landing his own radio show (he was co-host with Jerry’s show, which ran on Saturday mornings on WMAL 630 AM). We actually did an interview yesterday for a demo show and hopefully some of the audio will be available in the near future.

One of the things we touched on during the interview was the importance of Internet video and how we see it as becoming more significant to business owners in the coming years. Frank had thought some of this through beforehand (re: What Does Internet Video Really Mean to Business Owners?), so he was a bit better at laying out the case:

I believe that every business owner in operation today should produce a video message explaining who they are and what they do that is great and then post it on the home page of their web site as well as to every video directory site they can find (Google Video, YouTube, Yahoo Video, etc.). That message should be between 60 and 150 seconds long and it should include a call to action along with everything a prospective customer needs to know in order to contact their firm and do business with it.

In addition to producing a number of video brochures, I have also spent many hours writing and producing 30-second and 60-second radio spots. Trying to communicate a message and a call to action in less than a minute – with only sound and no pictures – is, to say the least, a discipline. Adding another two minutes – and colorful images – gives you a lot more room to work with but still forces you to focus on what the essential benefits are of doing business with your company.

It is still in its early phases but Internet video is going to play a key role going forward. You can already see some great advertisements leveraging it on places like the Washington Post. Biz owners will be able to communicate complex ideas more clearly, as well as provide a more human element to their site – and all of it will be much easier to implement than in times past.

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