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Flurry Launches Consumer Privacy Initiatives

Flurry_Screenshot_PrivacyFirstInitiative_Settings.pngIn trying to drive mobile data collection privacy standards to be comparable with non-mobile offerings, mobile analytics provider Flurry has announced it’s “Privacy First Initiative” (PFI):

“PFI is the result of months of consultation with customers and partners as well as a review of privacy standards in similar industries,” said Simon Khalaf, president and chief executive officer of Flurry, Inc. “PFI’s white hat approach to data collection and visibility into audience targeting goes a long way to ease consumer privacy concerns. Nothing is done without the consumer’s knowledge, or without the chance for a consumer to stop data collection.”

PFI will be rolled out in Summer 2010 and will give consumers the ability to opt out of data collection, as well as better control the types of ads they are served.

Read more about PFI by downloading the PDF’s below –



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