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Five Reasons 1st Gen iPhone Beats 3G

Thomas Hawk beat me to it. Last night, I drafted my five reasons to stay on my current 1st gen iPhone. That’s even considering that it has a cracked screen. Yes, cracked. Functional but cracked. Did I mention cracked?

1. The Numbers Don’t Add

Well, unfortunately, they do.

With tax, my original iPhone was $420. To upgrade, I assume $220 for the 8G (w/tax). Based on eBay numbers, even a cracked screen 1st gen iPhone could likely sell for $200. If that was it, not too shabby. I could upgrade for $20.

Not so fast.

I’d wind up paying an extra $15 a month for a new two year agreement. $10 more for the data plan and $5 for text messages. That’s $360 over two years.

Potential Cost for iPhone 3G: $220-$200+$360


Potential Total Cost on all iPhones (w/out 1st gen service costs): $380+$420


2. Twice the Speed My Foot

I’ve seen the YouTube videos and charts comparing load times. My anecdotal and very non-scientific tests of my iPhone against the 3G often yielded similar loading times (yes, the 3G was on the 3G network). My phone actually beat 3G too.

I won’t pretend that, in general, the two compete. But the 1st gen should always be trounced by this $380 upgrade. The fact that mine beat a 3G is absurd. 3G network needs work.

3. GPS That Doesn’t Tell You Where to Go

From what I have seen, no 3G iPhone app offers turn-by-turn navigation like a true GPS navigation device. Yes, Google Maps can find your exact location but how often do you need that over the soft GPS built into the 1st generation?

I am sure someone is working on this problem. In the short-term though, without turn-by-turn GPS, the GPS is not a selling point yet is routinely used as one.

4. Battery Life that Drains Your Patience

I’ll let Thomas Hawk, the disappointed 3G iPhone customer explain:

On my old iPhone I could always get at least one day’s use out of the iPhone on a full charge. Several times when I’ve been using my new iPhone the phone has died before I’ve had a chance to recharge it again at night. Using the web seems to drain the battery the most, but then again using the web seems to be one of the main selling points of the new iPhone. It sucks when I need to call my wife to pick me up from the BART station at the end of the day and have to boot up my Mac, EVDO and skype to make a telephone call because my iPhone is dead.

Amazing phone feature…being able to make calls.

5. Plastic is for Tonka Toys

I know it is not plastic. It just looks like it. In any case, it’s not metal.

I’ve heard that the new iPhones collect more fingerprints than Diddy does names. Apparently, the trendy white version also cracks.

For the record, I don’t care how it blends, metal just is cooler.

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