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FeedBlitz is Simple and Powerful

When it comes to staying connected to my writings, I prefer people to subscribe to my RSS feed. But I realize that RSS is just not ready for primetime yet. That’s especially true for my most coveted of readers – those trying to get a handle on all this new web stuff.

In my presentations, I often tout providing “multiple connecting points” on the web. The idea behind that is to let people consume the content on your website the way they want. For example, if you are a company that is on the cutting edge with a podcast, you should also provide individual shows for download.

If you have a blog, I encourage you to provide another connecting point besides RSS – one more familiar. FeedBlitz is a great tool to do that. FeedBlitz e-mails subscribers your most recent blog posts. Each morning, a subscriber will receive the entirety of your posts from the day before.

Other services like Bloglet (which I think is now defunct?) have offered something similar in the past. From my research, there is nothing as simple or powerful as FeedBlitz though.

Besides the fact that FeedBlitz integrates nicely with FeedBurner, what I like most about it are the Pro and Turbo premium services. I’ve now branded my e-mails using their WYSIWYG editor – and it literally took five minutes. It was as simple as copying out some CSS elements from my blog’s style sheet. With the Turbo service I could also opt to send out updates much more frequently, even hourly if desired. This particular feature has interested at least one of my clients, who wants people to receive his time sensitive content. As you can see below, my FeedBlitz e-mails now have the same look-and-feel of the content on my blog.

I’d like to conclude with noting that you if you enjoy reading blogs but are clueless to RSS and feeds (and don’t want to take the time to learn about them), then FeedBlitz might be a more comprehensive solution for you. According to their site, “Each night the free service checks on your feeds, figures out the changes, and sends you a single, easy to read email with all the information at your fingertips.”

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