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Favorite Web 2.0 Applications

Instead of predictions, Mike is writing about the Web 2.0 companies he couldn’t live without. I agree with many of his selections, including (but not limited to) FeedBurner, Measure Map, and WordPress. I part ways with him on Bloglines and del.icio.us and also have a couple of other Web 2.0 like companies that I use on a day-to-day basis. Here is my list:

SearchFox RSS over Bloglines
After testing and using just about every web or client based RSS reader out there, SearchFox RSS became my default reader for two reasons. The first is its River of News aggregation style, which allows me to quickly see updated content via a mixing of all feeds from a particular folder.

SearchFox RSS

The second and more important of the two is that SearchFox RSS learns from my reading habits and personalizes the display of my feeds. Thus, I have the ability to view feeds in chronological order or via my personalization (which is the default view).

BlinkList over del.icio.us
BlinkList offers a much more intuitive and appealing user interface, a blog filled with helpful tips, and some features not available in del.ico.us.


The most compelling reason for me to move to BlinkList was private bookmarks. I wanted the always accessible, tag based approach to save websites, with the option to make certain business sensitive links private. Other selling points include the BlinkList toolbar and the Quickstart page.


  • Findory – Based on my past reading habits, Findory helps me pick up the memes of the day before everyone else does.
  • Gmail – I’d pay for Gmail if I had the option to host my work email with this incredible app.
  • Wikipedia – Always the first place I go when I have a question.
  • Rollyo – Via the Searchrolls I have in my Firefox toolbar, it provides an easy means for me to search my past writings or the sites I visit on a regular basis.
  • iTunes – Some might say that iTunes is not a Web 2.0 product but to me, it is one of the best Web 2.0 products out there (and I’ll explain why, as I continue my series on Opportunities 2006). iTunes is my podcatcher, music organizer (including where I make purchases), and often my radio.
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