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Educating Potential Clients

As many of you know, the TECHNOSIGHT website and this blog in particular is essentially my virtual office and gateway to potential clients, colleagues, partners, and those interested in learning or following the latest technology trends. I have to admit that I have been amazed at the success I’ve had as a consultant simply because of the interest and readership via my blog.

One of the reasons I have had relative success is that my blog is used as a tool to educate people and to instill trust in them about my abilities as a consultant. When someone thinks about Ken Yarmosh, I want them to be assured that they will get the absolute best access to today’s technology insight – my blog has been a way to display my expertise.

During the second 3-week session of John Jantsch’s Ulitmate Marketing System, we started off by examining what he likes to call a marketing kit. The goal of the marketing kit is tightly related to the underlying motivation of my blog – to educate prospective clients about your business acumen.

John describes a marketing kit as “a collection of carefully crafted individual pages of information that help you present the best possible case for why a prospect would buy from you.” In this kit, John recommends including various pieces of information such as a case statement, difference summary, FAQ, and testimonial proof, just to name a handful of elements.

Through my reviewing of this material and considering some of my forthcoming professional developments, there are going to be some pretty substantial changes occurring in the design, layout, and content of my site and blog. Since I often do much of my work virtually, I’m going to apply many of the marketing kit principles to my web presence, ensuring it paints the best possible picture about my knowledge, skills, and experience in this space.

If you think I’ve really missed something on my site as it currently exists or have any feedback to give as I move forward with these changes, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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