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Early Woes for Windows Phone 7 Developers

James repeated similar concerns, noting that “there will be no payouts from [the WP7] App Hub [to developers] until February 2011, and there is no built-in reporting on downloads as of now.”

He outlined a variety of problems in working with Microsoft’s share App Hub developer site for WP7 and Xbox 360, and concluded, “unless you consider Windows Phone 7 to be a ‘must do’ platform for development (which is quite unlikely), I suggest that you think of Windows Phone 7 development as a hobby or a learning experience rather than a source of revenue until the App Hub issues are sorted out.”

Windows Phone 7 is in many ways already better than Android as a platform for third-party developers. But these types of issues can really impede progress for Microsoft at a critical point in WP 7’s existence. And I can guarantee that the $500M spent by Microsoft on the WP 7 ad campaign was not to encourage hobbyist to experiment or tinker with their platform.

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