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Developing your Blog Exit Strategy - Part 1

Do blogs have a natural life to them? Recent events would indicate that not all blogs are meant to exist indefinitely. And that is why I am going to begin to advocate the development of a blog exit strategy at the outset of a blog’s creation. In the first part of this post below, I’ll cover three preliminary thoughts about developing a blog exit strategy.

I realize this particular discussion is going to seem strange, especially coming from someone like me, who continues to educate individuals and organizations alike about blogging. There are still millions of people that don’t even know what a blog is – they’ve never written or read one. But that does not negate the fact that early adopters are providing a small glimpse of what may soon unfold in the blogosphere on a larger scale – blog closings.

Secondly, I believe a blog exit strategy is going to be more applicable to individuals or perhaps cause or event based blogging (e.g., a blog that was created for a one-time fundraising event). In general, I think most organizations, businesses, and companies will have blogs some time in the not so distant future. In these cases, a blog is going to be a natural and regular part of their web presence and a blog exit strategy will probably not be necessary.

Finally, there are already millions of bloggers who have an exit strategy. Their exit strategy is as simple as never posting to their blog again. But I’d argue that this approach is not really a strategy – it’s just them being lazy or not caring about their blog anymore.

Thus, a blog exit strategy isn’t for everyone. But I think it is important for individuals and organizations to at least think about if they really want to be strategic with their blogging efforts.

Next time: We will look at some blog closings and draw some takeaways in developing a blog exit strategy. What will be most interesting is that determining the exit strategy will actually heavily influence the initial approach to getting started with a new blog.

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